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How To Overcome Resistance To Change

Peter Kunc; referat na konferenci EOQ, 2017.


According to the last survey of management tools and trends (Rigby and Bilodeau, 2015) “change management programs” need improvement. In our paper we suggest necessary improvements in the implementation of changes, especially how to overcome resistance to change. We describe why it is not enough just to establish a sense of urgency and why it is essential to focus on the key causes of resistance to change. Recent literature (Meijer, Korthagen and Vasalos, Senge, Scharmer, Schultz, Turner idr.) contains much evidence that support our statement. We argue these causes are negative, limiting thought patterns on subconscious level, and describe how they influence our thoughts, feelings, work activities and finally the outcome of our work. Neglecting these patterns may be a direct cause of failure of planned changes. We also demonstrate how to eliminate such beliefs and what results may be expected.

Key words: Change management, resistance, psychology, thought patterns

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